Reverse Contingency

Gives Home Sellers The Time They Need To Find A New Home

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About this video

Many people feel stuck in their current home because they can't buy a new home until they sell their current home.  And with Twin Cities inventory at historical lows sellers fear they will have to sell their home before they find someplace to buy.

This video explains just one technique we use to solve this dilemma for our home sellers.  By including a "Reverse Contingency" in the Purchase Agreement with the buyer, sellers are in control of whether or not they sell and how long they need to look for and purchase their new home.
  • Don't miss out on this exceptionally good Twin Cities sellers market!
  • Low inventory means there's less competition for getting your home sold quickly
  • Multiple offers are driving prices up and sellers are currently getting top dollar for their homes
  • Homes are selling in just days on the market in some price points
  • Use a "Reverse Contingency" when you sell your home to get the time you need to find a new home to purchase